Sunday, August 09, 2009

These days are some pivotal ones

Some boring wedding information:

6 days until the wedding!! One week from this exact moment I'll be sleeping somewhere on the Oregon Coast with my husband.

Joshua and I are registered at:
1. Bed, Bath, and Beyondd
2. Williams' Sonoma
3. Target

We have the apartment we're going to live in! It's the cutest little place you've ever seen. You're all invited over for some coffee and bars once we're back.


Andino said...

Oh I'm so beyond excited for you! We'll definitely have to re-schedule having you guys over. Where will you guys be living?

Rachel Eve said...

I am so excited for you to be married. I'm even more excited to help myself to some coffee and bars!

Nat Attack said...

Oh hey, my new blog matches your blog. Twinners without even meaning it. Can't wait until you post some photos of the wedding. Even though I was there. LAVA YOU!