Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some things

I have 6 comments for ya'll on this dusty summer day:

1. Commenting has died.

2. I have random music that was traded in my high school years that still pops up every now and then when Itunes is on random. I love the Atmosphere or Jurassic 5 that randomly plays so I have to run to the computer and change the song.

3. I'm taking 2 online classes (in addition to 7.5 credits each summer semester) this summer in my mad dash to graduate next April. It's difficult disciplining myself to actually do the classes, but it's remarkably satisfying to finish 1 of 6 of my "assignments" for the whole semester. Much more satisfying than going to class and thinking it oh so pointless.

4. Josh graduated in April! I'm sure everyone already knows, but I'm going to post some pictures as Abbey so kindly informed me this weekend that she hadn't seen any.

5. I work as a courier for a residential treatment center. That means I a) take kids to off campus appointments (like the dentist), b) take kids to the airport (for visits and holidays, etc) and c) go shopping with and/or for kids when they're not allowed off campus. If you know anything about me, part C is absolutely the greatest ever. I also love this job because it works around my school schedule so I can actually graduate (sometime) AND work!

6. Josh and I are attempting to move sometime in the next two months. If you know anyone that wants a 1 bedroom apartment in Provo, hit me up. I'll give 'em a good deal. Also, we're the proud parents of both a Lexus AND a Mercedes. How many people our age can say that?

Note: Aunt Cheri is the photographer of the self portrait of Gma, Mal, and us. She has skills.


Erica said...

I love it when you blog. Keep it up! In order to get comments, all you have to do is post scandalous stuff. (Or have a baby. We always joke that we just have babies to increase blog traffic.) :)

Congrats, Josh! Love you guys!

Nat Attack said...

yaaaaaaay. fun post!

and eck -- what happens if you're neither scandalous nor babies? i'm in trouble...

kendall said...

You have a) interesting and b) blogging more than 3x weekly.

Emma said...

We miss you guys - on the blogging world and in real life. Thanks for posting. :)

good luck with your crazy class scheduled and moving.

We love you!

Erica said...

Nat - I think you're plenty scandalous. A gucci fanny pack and a great wall of chocolate are merely two examples. :)