Monday, September 20, 2010

Holidays and Craftiness

So lately I've been obsessed with two things:
1. Etsy
2. The Holidays

Now in more detail...
1. Etsy is the best thing ever. I've known about it for ages but just recently started searching through it's many many offerings after google pulled up a bunch of images of cute decorations from Etsy. Needless to say I've spent hours, now, looking at the cute christmas ornaments and vintage necklaces, diaper bags, hats, headbands, halloween decorations, and everything else you could imagine. Just go there and search "Owls". It'll blow your mind.

2. The first day of Fall is on Wednesday and I am going to a) help my grandma set up all her Halloween decor and b) set up all of MY Halloween decor. I am consumed by these future events.

That's all.


Erica said...

I LOVE owls. Martha Stewart in her holidays tabs under Halloween has CUTE owl stuff :) I want to see some Halloween decor pics :)

Jeni said...

I wrote a comment but then my computer spazzed. So if you get two from me, sorry!

ANYWAY, I love Etsy. I get sucked in! I could spend all my time and money on the zillions of things it sells.
YAAY holidays! I love Fall and Halloween and the other holidays coming.

andrea said...

I spend a ridiculous amount of hours on etsy. It is amazing.