Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Playing Catch Up

So...Henry is sleeping. It's not like he's never slept before, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of cramming in all the things I need to do during his nap time. This nap time, I'm playing catch up on my blog.


This is the deathly hallows symbol. On the outside of the new Los Hermanos/old Ottavios restaraunt in Provo. YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. THE DEATHLY HALLOWS SYMBOL IS IN DOWNTOWN PROVO. I want someone to explain it to me please, because the only logical explanation is that the hallows are real, Harry Potter exists, and there is a wizard (or witch. I'm not picky) in Provo who is a believer. Thank you, world.

This is my new reindeer, Benjamin. He is named after the bills I hope to put in him during the year to save for Christmas. This is my new savings plan for Christmas presents/holiday cheer because I just love Christmas and saving in a "savings account" just isn't doing it. Every month needs a little Christmas.

This was my house when it was Christmas. The end.


Tara Harrison said...

Kendall- first, of course harry Potter is real. Second- I love you.

Rachel Eve said...

Whoa Deathly Hallows in Provo? That's pretty sweet. And I like your house at Christmas.