Tuesday, March 08, 2011

As if I needed any reason

I am delaying my graduation until December. Then I'm gonna walk next April with Josh and maybe Henry. I can't believe how much harder school is with a baby. Who knew having a baby was so much fun? And yes, I am speaking the truth. I honestly would rather stare at my smiling little child and watch his arms and legs (and hair) whip back and forth than study for my classes. So, this summer I'm going to enjoy my sweet internship and being a mom and pretend that I don't have to take another class in the Fall before I graduate. And I'm more excited about walking with Josh in April because then I get to walk with my HUSBAND and pretend like I'm a MASTERS student because it's taken me 6 YEARS to graduate.

Sweet deal! And now I'm off to study some because I actually have a real midterm to take on Friday. Yikes.


Cheri said...

That's great. You'll always be glad you have a BYU degree as well as your MRS. and, MOM degree! Good job! XOX

Jeni said...

You will be glad that you had it done before Henry is three! Because I will tell you now, three years old do NOT appreciate your studying in their presence. Verrry particular creatures, three year olds.

And I love Henry. He is just the cutest ever.

(and I maybe almost just typed, "and maybe Olivia can rob the literal cradle and be in love with him!" but then I remembered we're related, so. Hopefully not.)