Friday, June 08, 2012


GChat conversation from 9/19/2007  me: I have the greatest story in the world for you
 Natalie: oh boy
  i can't wait to hear it
3:02 PM me: hold on
3:03 PM Natalie: no rush. i'm here for the count.
3:04 PM me: do you ever remember me telling you about the boy I made sandwiches for that I had a big crush on?
 Natalie: i think so
3:05 PM or maybe not
  did you ever talk to that boy?
 me: We ran into eachother once outside of me being at work
3:06 PM and he approached me and said HI!
  and we introduced ourselves and that was it
  so anyway
  I've seen him twice since school started, both times he never saw me
  today I saw him walk into the twilight part of the bookstore as I was leaving
3:07 PM so I turned around so i'd run into him
  he saw me and said hi, I said hi, end of conversation
  I'm on cloud 9
  then I go to the MARB where I think i lost my planner with lots of vital information
 Natalie: ahhhhhh!
  i'm happy you saw him
 me: me too!
  his name is joshua calvert if you'd like to facebook stalk him
3:08 PM though apparently he hasn't been on it more than once
  I checked one classroom, then went to wait outside another classroom for it to get out
  I was sitting along the wall, studying microbiology when HE WALKS OVER TO ME AND SITS DOWN!!!!!
3:09 PM said, "I hope you know I really am not following you"
 Natalie: WHOA!
 me: "we never really met besides that once, and all i really know about you is that you make really good sandwiches and your name is KENDALL"\
 Natalie: ahhhhhhhhh!
  i love it!
 me: hahaha
  It was amazing
 Natalie: so what happened?
3:10 PM me: then we talked and talked and talked for 10 minutes
 Natalie: yie!
 me: he's from seattle area
  then he helped me locate my planner in this classroom full of people because they hadn't gotten out of class yet
  and then we both had to go to class
 Natalie: ohmygosh
  i LOVE that story