Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Acorn

So today on my innocent way home from school I walked underneath an acorn tree. This was no ordinary acorn tree, for this tree had acorns about the size of tennis balls. On my innocent little jaunt, a tennis ball fell RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

I will never walk beneath an acorn tree again.

I don't want no concussion!

and this wasn't today. However, it makes the story more exciting if I pretend it happened today and not four days ago.


Nat Attack said...

Oh man. The pressure to write good/funny/entertaining blogs never stops does it?

Even if you have to falsify the date at least you're honest!

Turkey Wednesday!

kendall said...

haha, i thought about you while i made turkey sandwiches.

Nat Attack said...

I thought about you while I was eating my turkey sandwich.