Tuesday, October 17, 2006

End of the World

  • Liquid sunshine. Something you find in Oregon, most days of the year, not in Utah for a whole day. That's like finding people who care about the environment outside of Oregon, it just doesn't happen!
  • I felt really, really wimpy carrying my umbrella and walking through the heavy sky mist. Then, I saw a guy carrying a black umbrella with rainbow colored hearts and realized I wasn't the most wimpy person out there.
  • Becki tripped in the street and STAYED there.
  • I've decided I will probably fail every test I ever take. Especially when it comes to BoM and Sociology. Whoever decided that teachers who don't teach should write tests should probably be shot.
  • I wore a beanie not while snowboarding for the first time ever. I kind of like it.
Gilmore Girls is on tonight!
only two classes left!
A birthday in 1.5 weeks!


1 comment:

Nat Attack said...

A happy day all around! I'll be tuning in for Veronica Mars after GG... so think of me when you see the promos!

Off to the gym-ba!

XOXO! NEttie