Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lucky Turkey Wednesday

Wednesday, turkey day, is the one day I have never bought a sub sandwich. That is sad because I love turkey, and every time I work on turkey day, I crave the sandwich. However, today a miracle decided to happen, in form of my manager, Miles. Lily (we will call her because i love veronica mars) came through, ordered a 6" turkey on monterey cheddar, toasted with provolone cheese. Turns out this Lily forgot her wallet and she had to go home! Normally with these mess up/extra sandwiches, we make them and give them away for free, but today was different. Today Miles (my subway savior) spoke the words of magic.
"Hey kendall, want to take a break and eat a turkey sandwich?"

dumbest question EVER.
except not dumb, because it was magic.

Sooooo i took a break and ate my perfect turkey sandwich, completely free of charge and while supposed to be working! So you might say I was paid to eat my favorite food.

My faith in subway is once again whole.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! That IS the best Turkey Wednesday story I ever heard!!!

Logan said...

what day is meatball day. I always forget to go in.