Sunday, January 28, 2007

i thought it was the end.

I love Sacrament meeting.

As my sister would say, this girl was a complete nut job.

For an excrutiating two minutes she gripped the podium, muttered "I can't stop shaking" and alternated between ducking below the podium (so we couldn't see her) and standing still, grabbing her hair and moaning.

Never have two minutes been so long, embarassing, and funny at the same time.


Logan Smith said...

We watch movies on pollution in our sacrament meeting

Nat Attack said...

Oh my. I sure wish I could have seen this, really I do. I've got nothing to compare.

OHWAIT. Once in a testimony, this girl told a story of her mom almost getting murdered/raped up the canyon. ANd she kept saying "IF MY MOM HAD DIED..." blah blah blah. It was awesomely terrible.