Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gotta love it.

warning: one swear word used in context.

Tyra Banks. She is possibly the most inspirational woman alive. Sometimes she's very annoying, I will be the first to admit it, but Tyra is amazing.

Today on her show she showed a picture that the tabloids have published, saying she's gained 40 lbs and is now over 200 lbs. She walked out in the same swimsuit she was wearing in the fat picture, and proceeded to show other pictures that pointed out her fat rolls and cellulite. The Tyra is proud of her body!

With the audience laughing, cheering, clapping, and crying, Tyra ended with this statement:

"To all the people out there who think that THIS picture is fat, that I am fat, and people who are curvy are fat, kiss my FAT ASS."


Nat Attack said...

Oh this sounds like a show I would like. As soon as I get a job and eat a donut, I will be getting TiVo and watching more daytime trash.


Nat Attack said...

The Real Kevinator said...

I can't believe the Tyra got you too.