Friday, February 16, 2007

I am big America girl.

Friday, everyone. I decided to celebrate with some Nerds and surfing the Web from my bed. Apparently, mail order brides have to be hot and foreign, but I found some
mail order husbands
who are from the US of A! Here are a couple winners...

I think this man would be better suited for a chauffeur. He was probably on a trip to Mexico when this picture was taken.

What about this guy? He's my age, but I don't fulfill the "lot of money" requirement. Just make sure to read the last line if you're over 45 and interested in this winner.

This winner must get stabbed and shot quite often.

My personal favorite, and probably the nicest guy unfortunately doesn't speak my language. But how could you not fall in love with this poetic rambling?

I think I won't give up on finding my husband at BYU just yet.


Nat Attack said...

Hahaha. Oh I love it so much. This reminds me of the craigslist ads. Check those out next time you're bored. Or find my post on SeekingArrangement.

Nat Attack said...

Oh yeah, and I love the shout out to DDG as your subject line.

Lainey said...

I canNOT believe you spend this kind of time on the internet. But thanks for the entertainment.