Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life was so unkind

I am dedicating the last two days to my music. Actually, music everywhere, and especially in the shared libraries that my computer picks up. I feel magical being able to listen to the songs people have ripped to their computers, it's like a peek into their soul. But anyway, some people do not have such great souls.

Last night I found the rap library, full of classic songs by Ludacris, Kanye West, and one of the best songs in the world, Roses by Outkast. Rachel and Becki did not share my enthusiasm for this song.

Then the library full of "Now That's What I Call Music! volume three." That was basically it. Who ever heard of a library full of only 84 songs? Bex rach and I had our fun with The Call (remix), She Likes Me for Me, and other such classic songs. Feel bad because you definitely missed out.

There ends my ode to music, now I'm listening to Carol, dear sweet Carol.

Thank you Carol King, I feel like a natural woman.


Logan Smith said...

Yes that means you are low class. Sorry you had to find out this way, it really isn't too bad being the local charity case.

Nat Attack said...

Ahhhh. Only you (and me) could listen to Roses and Carol in the same day.

Hugs for crrrrrrrrrazy music! NatA!