Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family Vacations are the most stressful thing ever.

Okay. Get ready.


There is some of my joy for you.

And also, I just thought I'd show you the best piece of grapefruit flavored candy you will ever taste in your life. I don't know how any other candy in the world ever could compare to the joy that are the grapefruit slices.


onlychild09 said...

please bring me some cinnamon bears.

Nat Attack said...

I bet you're walking on sunshine now that finals are over huh? Good luck with the packing and general "worst day" of the year!!!

Becki said...

kendall, there is something blue scrolling across your page. I would have understood it, but there was no glitter, so I couldn't. I think it says "thanks for the add"

you're leaving tomorrow, and I'm quite a bit sad about it. DON'T GO AWAY FROM ME!

you're my husband, what kind of treatment is it for you to just abandon me for 4 months?

Lainey said...

where would I find said candy?

PS I can't believe how much stuff you have.