Friday, April 27, 2007

We did it again!

Hello to my loyal fans. To state the obvious (A) I am writing a new blog and (B) sorry I haven't written in forever. I got home and it's been quite the joy ride ever since.

Things I've Done since Tuesday Morning
1. Get home
2. Meet my new baby, Daisy Fuentes (soon to be renamed)
3. Picked up Mallory from school(yay!) and had dinner with my family.
4. Watch Tv
5. Watch Tv on the internet.
6. Go to two employment agencies and have them both be disappointed that I'm only here for the summer.
7. Not get a job yet.
8. Talked to beaki about how boring life is.
9. (this one's a shocker) Kino was actually excited to see me!
10. Drop off resume's
11. Dye my hair, amanda's hair, and mallory's hair.
12. aaand a couple other things.

So that wasn't really a good list. Very sorry for all you that read it. Just so you are aware, I can type 84 WPM and Kimberley thinks that's really good. Maybe I have a talent in life.


Lainey said...

Daisy Fuentes???

Lainey said...
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