Friday, May 04, 2007

Quatro, Cinco, Seis

There are three things I think I'm paranoid about, and just starting to realize that I am terrified of them happening.

1.) Every time I'm alone I am scared I'll get raped. Alone in a car, walking the dog, going to sleep, alone at work, and basically anytime I'm alone or it's dark.
2.) Anytime I park my car and leave it anywhere I'm afraid it will get stolen or stuff out of it will be stolen. I'm paranoid about locking all the doors, rolling up the windows, and looking out the windows at work to make sure it's still there.
3.) I feel like I'm going to get robbed and/or killed. Hit by a car, shot in some random gang fight, a nuclear bomb going off next door, you name it.

Soooo I sound like some kind of crazy person, and I probably am. But don't worry, I'm only crazy when I'm alone. I think I watch too much Veronica Mars.


Becki said...

vmars + heros = paranoia.

(please note my overreaction to Greg scaring us in the library)

Kevin says - make sure you remember your rape whistle!

onlychild09 said...

Maybe you watch a little too much TV. Or maybe you just need to learn self defense and you wouldn't be so scared. I will teach you.

Rachel said...

ahahaha this made me laugh out loud! You ARE a little crazy!

nuclear bombs?? hahah

Logan Smith said...

I think your fears are justified. You could easily be mistaken for VM. One time I was watching Heros and Sylar was killing people and my mom snuck up on my and I thought she was Sylar and screamed. Also this kid I knew was deleivering pizzas and ran into this one house to make a quick delivery. He left his car running and when he got back in a guy dressed in a black trench coat was in the backseat. He pulled a gun and made the kid drive him to some neighborhood. That is scary. I think you are very rational.

Jan said...

You always were the MOST imaginative child...that's why we had to lock you in your room before you were two. We were afraid you'd get into the knife drawer WAY early in the morning and hurt yourself(or one of us)before you were old enough to know what you were doing!(This is a memory for Alaina, too.)
And YES! TOO much TV!!! and V.MARS!

Lainey said...

Wait wait wait - a memory for me because I would get into the knife drawer or because I was scared of Kendall?!