Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm wishing I had some chocolate.

It really is quite depressing when only 3 people have updated their blog. Those who did blog were good updates (thank you natalie, alaina, and becki.) but just not sufficient for my Friday.

Hey! It's Friday! This means tonight I get to party like a rockstar with Amanda, tomorrow I might get to go to Saturday Market (high chances of not) and I will definitely get to go to Target. I love Target. I could spend a thousand dollars there and still not buy everything that I want to.

Today I decided that I need a haircut. I have very long hair, quite possibly the longest it's ever been. I, however, have decided that having stringy hair, even though it's pretty and long, is worse than having medium hair that looks nice. I want nice hair. Is that too much to ask for?

Hmmm that's pretty much it. I am starting to get a little excited to return to Probo and live with LeeAnne, Rach, Becki, and Sami. We're gonna have fun watching The Holiday, Music & Lyrics, No Reservations, and the Bratz movie.

(I had a short, nonfat hot chocolate no whip this morning at Starbucks. Sooo good.)

I really really miss Harry Potter. I hope mom finishes soon so I can re-read and be re-obsessed.


Ryan + Erica said...

Amen, sister! What I'd give for medium, non-stringy hair! Ah well, at least I like the color. And personally, I think yours always looks cute!

Nat Attack said...

Yay for another Friday update. Why does every one just give up the ghost on Friday posts?

Did you see your girlfriend's bff-turned enemy is ALSO going to jain?>1=7703

I hope you'll cover her news as well as you did P's. You're an equality opprotunity blogger, right?