Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wacko? You could say that.

Yesterday morning I spent about 2 hours looking up interviews of Dan Rad and Emma Watson on Youtube. Let's see you try to stop clicking on the links provided at the end of a video about your favorite person ever!
I also discovered that Wentworth Miller (my sexy boyfriend from prison) is in Mariah Carey's We Belong Together music video, which is actually a Part II of their long romance. I dont' know the name of the first...Natalie could probably tell you.

But anyway, I'm head over heels in love with all of this Harry Potter Mania. I get Mugglenet updates on my homepage, I watch Youtube interviews, I have an address for Rupert Grint (I'm going to write him a letter someday), I listen to the MuggleCast podcast any time I'm in my car, and I can't stop thinking about the book. I also discovered (off my handy mugglenet headlines) that JK Rowling is eventually going to write a Harry Potter Encyclopedia to tell me about all the other characters in the Wizarding world that I never knew too much about. This morning I found this fantastic article, so if you're the least interested in HP, please read.
What happens to everone else?

If you haven't read book 7 or don't want it spoiled, don't read the above article.

Okay, I just stumbled across this today....but I couldn't stop smiling. So embarassing.


Becki said...

Okay, seriously, I cannot stop dreaming about Harry Potter. Every night of my life lately it's just Potter this and Potter that and oh my gosh it's driving me to drink.

Nat Attack said...

I LIKE the new template. Much better than the Lighthouse.

I support your Harry Fever.

And the song is "It's Like That." Dear Wentworth, you are smokin' hot. I don't watch Prison Break because I don't have time to be obsessed with how beautiful you are."

Sarah said...

oh gosh. I could not stop giggling. I would have curled up into a little ball from the emarassment but the computer was on my lap. o m g. loved it.