Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mind vomit.

Blogging has been slow lately. I think I shouldn't post any more about Harry Potter, but I really don't know what else to blog about.
I'm really excited for this weekend. Alaina is bringing up the baby, Rachel is gonna see my new house, and then I get to go to family reunion and not work!!

Boss lady has decided to not like me again. I am a bit better at handling it this time, but it just gets really annoying when every word out of her mouth is dripping with "you are incompetent compared to meeeee" type emotion. Oh well, I will just be better than her when I grow up. And not weigh 300 pounds. Sorry. That was mean.

Ummm I want to buy Harry Potter and the: a) Order of the Phoenix and b) Deathly Hallows, on Itunes so I can listen to those lovely books on my way to work and stuff. Unfortunately, they're about a bazillion dollars each ($49.99)

I got a new digital camera. My college experience is going to be 2048 times better because of this. Sorry this is boring. More like a journal. And did you ever notice that blogs are never really boring until the blogger says, "Oh, sorry this is so boring and dull..."

I think I made up my mind again to become a dental hygienist. Nothing else really seems to I'm hoping that means this thing is for real. This thing as in working super hard in super hard classes. I'm scared for fall.

Oh yes, last thing, Attorney no. 1 (I think it's 1, not 2) brought me another gift from an art show. It's a lovely blown glass christmas tree ornament.

ohh p.s.
I'm beginning to think the reason they can't keep a receptionist here for more than 4 months isn't because they're all retarded, but because the office manager is hitler.
(receptionist is to office manager as Jew is to Hitler.)


Rachel said...

Haha, i like your analogy. Its no fun when work people are mad at you. Good job just toughing it out!

You got a new camera?? Oo i am so jealous. I think my college experience will probably benefit from that also.

Rachel said...

p.s. i'll see you SATURDAY! i'm finally coming to your house. like we're cousins or something.

Nat Attack said...

the green on your blog is wicked bright. or maybe i'm getting more color sensitive in my old age.

i'm jealous of your fun weekend!!! i'll be working... no shock there.

Lainey said...

I think Natalie is secretly going to come visit. At least I'm hoping she'll show up.

Nat Attack said...

Argh. Keep wishing.