Monday, July 30, 2007

Hairs cut

I got a hair cut this weekend, and my hairs are looking fairly healthy all shortish and blondish. I just read the whole trascript of the NBC interview with JK Rowling, as well as the Scholastic online chat with Jo. It was very long, and very satisfying because I got loads of my HP questions asked and answered! A little bit of closure.
That's all for now. I like my hairs, today I'm going shopping after work. So happy.


Nat Attack said...

It was a haircut weekend! I just got a trim though... I can't have Mallory running away with the "longest hair" in the family award.

Shopping? Lucky. I'm going to the gym to start the training again.

onlychild09 said...

I totally win the longest hair competition!

Lainey said...

Why'd you rename the blog? And how come the bf never posts on it? Does he use internet?

kendall said...

Rename cause I felt like it and bryan is rarely on the internet...and not into blogs?