Sunday, August 26, 2007


I am going to post a new blog so that nasty picture of Kino's wounds won't make you nauseated when you view my blog. Just try to avoid scrolling down. Because I'm on Rachel's computer and I don't have my supply of recent pictures to post, you will have to settle for some mind vomit.
1. I really hate when people say they "lack the hand-eye coordination" to do something. I will admit that I use this excuse sometimes, but it really is an excuse, not true in the least. People who say they lack the hand-eye coordination to play ping pong, or basketball, or do a cartwheel might as well admit they are useless and have no talent in the world except for saying stupid things.
2. I have been reading the Twilight series. I started last night about 7, finished the book today sometime, and am about 3/4 of the way through with the 2nd. Rach is a very good procrastinator at reading so that I will have to wait a few days to start the 3rd book. I love you Raaaaachie.
3. I kind of talk out loud when I'm typing on the computer. Only when I'm doing something different to words though, like "Raaaaaachie" or "byyyyyyye". It's like, somehow that makes my weird word spellings more sane, because I really am saying it in real life.
4. Some people can't blog right. I know that seems like a very oxymoronish statement (who said there was any way to blog), but if a blog is boring it's wrong. I'm afraid sometimes that I don't know how to blog.
5. I am frightened for school to start.
6. I miss watching movies with Mallory.
7. I kind of wish I could live with Grandma and Grandpa.
8. My knees hurt.
9. I am a very very very expresionful reader. I don't know what the opposite of expressionless is? Therefore: Expresionful. I gasp, laugh, cry, whimper, and scream, right along with the characters. Sometimes this is embarassing. Most of the time, it just makes me happier.
10. I still REALLY hate going to the bathroom. This is very bad because I like to drink (not alcohol) almost as much as I hate going to the bathroom. Sometimes I think having a cathetar all the time would be preferrable, until I remember that I'd have to empty that sometimes, which maybe could be worse than actually going to the bathroom. I'll have to look at hiring myself an assistant nurse to change my bag every couple hours.


Becki said...

I hate packing.

I can't blog, but I've been doing it wrong for so long I don't care anymore.

I really really do lack the hand eye coordination to do most everything. This may be difficult for you to understand because you have yet to see my amazing unableness but seriously, it's true. Everything. This summer in my singles ward people loved to throw things at me just to watch me not catch them.

tomooooooooooorrow i fly.

Nat Attack said...

Kenny-love this blog. I wish I could live with the G-parents too. And I'd watch a movie with Mally also. This is commenting wrong.

PS -- Remember at the beginning of the summer I told you to start reading Twilight? Argh. You wouldn't listen to me then. Think about how much more interesting your summer could have been by reading crappy teenage romance novels thinly veiled as fantasy books!

Lainey said...

Having a catheter was my favorite part of having a baby. Best feeling in the world.... ahhhhh relief. It'd be worth it.

Ryan + Erica said...

Wow, Alaina. That was awesome.

I love you, Kendall! Thanks for the blog.

Expressionful...expressive...I still vote expressionful. (sounds way better)

Rachel said...

I'm expressionful too! I'm glad you're reading these books with me so i have someone 24-7 to talk to them about.

A cathetar? Come on, going to the bathroom can't be all that bad. Haha that sounds like i don't ever go to the bathroom. Promise i do.

I read slow(er than you) and i'm savoring this last book!

onlychild09 said...

Today I bought a new movie. I think I am going to watch it in your bed while I think of you.

Jan said...

your knees hurt?