Thursday, August 30, 2007


My life has been a little bit hectic, sorry about the no posting.
My computer is broken. I think it's poor little heart just couldn't handle the move back to Salt Lake and finally gave up the ghost. On Monday it was supposed to be fixed, but the new LCD screen just wouldn't cut it, so I am getting a new MOTHER BOARD and Keyboard. I love that I'm getting a new MOTHER BOARD, it kind of feels like I should be on a Sci-Fi show....waiting for the MotherShip.
Long story short, Dell Compy man has failed me twice and will be returning tomorrow morning hopefully to fix my baby.

Thank you Becki for letting me use your computer without knowing it. Thank you Rachel for minutes on your computer, as well. Also, a sincere thanks to GPA WOOD for letting me transfer money into my bank account. Awwww.

Today we did a trip to IKEA and it was splendid. I am so happy to be decorating my apartment like it's a real apartment. The upside of living in a somewhat old and dumpy place is that there are less stringent rules about wall hole poking, so there will be a plethora of decorations. Nat, we're just waiting for you to come and visit. I am in the process of trying to secure a staple gun and sewing machine for some OPERATION LOVELYPLACE activities. Alaina, you are my best hope. I love you.

Hm my feet hurt, I forget what it's like to actually walk everywhere. This whole living 4 blocks away from the very southern tip of campus is a bit tough. Of course I feel like a complete idiot actually admitting that, but somehow I'll suffice.

This is a rambling blog, but I hope I've entertained those of you who are interested in life. I'll post some pictures of the moving in mess later. Moving in mess=HUGE! Sami and LeeAnne move in tomorrow! I'm so happy that things are beginning to come together.


Jan said...

Yay! Happy you are there! What's being poked into the walls? Count the sore feet as training!

Jan said...

Kenny! It's Nat posing as Mom. Like my new photo?!

Nat Attack said...

Ohhhhh man. I always loved the Fall at the BY. Something fun about a new apartment and a new situation. Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic time. I can't wait to see some photos! Who are you sharing a room with?

onlychild09 said...

Happy. It sounds like you are having alot of fun. I am so excited that things are coming together for you. Today is friday and my scedule is still not posted. Somebody better be ready to pay if I don't get it before I go camping at 2:00.

kendall said...

I'm in a room with rachel, and I'm living with becki, leeanne, and sami.

Lainey said...

I like the title Operation Lovely Place.