Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On another boy's ipod...

This right here is procrastination at it's finest. Let's talk about all the things I feel guilty for.

1. I am posting this blog and not studying microbiology.
2. I have the ipod of another girls' boyfriend. AND I'm listening to it.
3. I'm sitting in the very back of the 4th floor on my computer. At a table with a boy who is reading. I hate people with computers that come and sit by my when I'm doing heavy duty reading without an ipod.
(3.5) I am laughing at Natalie's blogging across from said boy.
4. I want my roommates to use their cars to drive me to school when I have too much crap in my backpack.
5. I am not making this a quick blog. Therefore, procrastinating more.
6. I've been using a lot of minutes on the cell phone. This is not a good sign.
7. I spent way more than $100 for the month of September.
8. I spent too little time studying last week.
9. I didn't go to the Anatomy lab at all last week.
10. I don't want Becki to get married.

I think ten sounds like a good number.


Becki said...

Oh goodness. Not getting married.

Jan said...

How about mom's shoulder to cry on next weekend?

onlychild09 said...

mom is there and i am not.

anger. much anger

Rachel said...

I told you, go to campus at 7:30 with me and I will drive you any day you want. Sign up for 8am classes next semester!

I love you, be happy!

Nat Attack said...

You don't have to feel guilty for laughing at my blog about Kino. You SHOULD feel guilty because mom will probably feel badly that you're laughing at her fifth child.