Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adventure under the Knoll.

Yesterday I did something I've never done before, and I would venture to say that many of you have not done. More than two times. I went to the underground parking. Of course, I've never had need to go down there as I am unfortunate and do not have a car or even a scooter to my name, so I was thoroughly excited to descend to the underworld I never knew existed. It was creepy. Glad I had a Josh with me.

Dear Joshua decided to park down there for an evening venture to the library after some FHE,(yeah that's right, FHE) and I agreed to this adventure. Ceilings were low, few cars, I'm sure I saw some cigar smoking maniacs. Definitely should have reported it to Police Beat.

Endless cement posts. That's what the garage consisted of. I think my favorite part was walking up to the real world though...did anyone know the knoll is on top of a GARAGE?! We came up a random set of stairs I've never seen before in my life. It was fantastic.


Ryan + Erica said...

I really think that under the JFSB is the closest place to park to the library--which is especially convenient in the winter! Ryan and I used to park there all the time in the evenings and then work in the mac/PC lab on the main floor of that building.

I'm glad you discovered one of the best-kept secrets at BYU!

Nat Attack said...

BYU has parking garages? What?

And tell that boy he's only allowed to open mouth smile if he gives me credit.

Lainey said...

That parking garage is under MY building, isn't it? The one the social work department moved to the week I graduated. So, in fact it was never MY building... just a joke about how our graduating MSW class got jipped.

Glad to see a pic of the mystery boy!

Rachel said...

I need to park there! How exciting.


Manders said...

hi you have a boy :D