Thursday, October 04, 2007

Best Day of the Week

Today I am enjoying my Thursday. I got out of Anatomy, retrieved my maple/sprinkles doughnut, ate it in the sunlight and breeze, and have descended into the depths of the library. I didn't bring my own computer today so I'll get more homework done...soo instead I'm parked at a library computer waiting until my table will hopefully be freed from the weirdos sitting at it. Life is so unfair sometimes.

My week is getting WAY better than last week was. My friend boy with a girlfriend is now just the friend boy. Tonight I get to go to a birthday dinner for my Subway BFF, Laura, and watch THE OFFICE and a new episode of 30 Rock will occur so I can watch it tomorrow when I'm holed up in the library for five or six hours. Amanda comes tomorrow morning, so she's gonna hole up in the library and do homework with me until I have class and then KNOLL TIME!

Friday will be devoted to studying for Anatomy, and somehow I'm supposed to take that test on Saturday before Rach and I head off to Gma's. I can't wait for conference weekend! I already miss Alaina and Adrie. Maybe I should drop out of school and be a live in nanny. That sound good?

Hahaha, my favorite song 'Alison' just shuffled to play. It makes me want to watch Get Over It. I made a fantastic playlist that I listen to. This morning on the way to school I was totally rocking out to 'So Much Love' aaand I definitely got some weird looks. I just saw a boy that looks surprisingly like Chad, Rachel's Chad, except a lot littler. Like, one foot and 5 years littler.

I really don't have ADHD, but this blog is pretty much ADHD in word form. Let's make some playlists this weekend, okay?

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Nat Attack said...

I like this "blogging like it's going out of style" business. You keep me entertained at work!

AND you're taking anatomy? Your geniusness ROCKS MY SOCKS! Geez!

30 Rock tonight. I CAN'T WAIT. And don't forget that FNL STARTS TOMORROW!

There are two many caps for this comment. I should reopen my own stupid blog and write there instead of here.