Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Home of the Work

I think my least favorite part of doing homework is the scrunching over to get close to the paper or book to study. I get a crick in my neck. Not fun. And I think I just used two words I've probably never used in my blog before: scrunching, and crick.

Doin' math hw waiting for LeeAnne to get out of class and we're gonna walk home together. Uhh maybe a Costco trip tonight with beaki, and hopefully to the Library tonight with Rachel. Oh I haven't seen Rachel in more than 24 hours and it's starting to feel kind of weird. Rachel? You do exist??

I spent the night with Alaina and it was extreeeeeemely relaxing. Alaina, thank you for housing me, I really enjoyed it. I've been so relaxed and not stressed today, even though I probably should get more stressed because I have three friggin' midterms that start on Friday and I need to go to GMA's this weekend. Well, maybe not need to, but there is no way I'm gonna stay home when I can go to Gma's and have some quality time with my favorite people on the planet.

Today was a gooooood day. Knoll time was absolutely great. I can't stop smiling. That's a good feeling, until it's going to be gone in a few hours because I'll start studying for Anatomy and be overwhelmed! GAH.

Nat, you need to come to Utah. I'm listening to the 'Wicked' Soundtrack and getting reeeeeally excited for seeing it and going to NYC. Can you imagine a better place in the world? I think maybe the Disney Cruise could be equivalent. It's probably one of those mood type of vacations. Laid back, sunny, and relaxing is Disney Cruise, fast paced, shopping, and independent city girl is the NYC route.

Still can't stop smiling.


onlychild09 said...

Wow I am gone for like a day and you have three new quality blogs! Kendall I love you! The layout is amazing, it makes my blog look like poo. I am so glad that your wednesday went better than your monday. Being so Happy you smile all the time is one of the greatest feelings ever. You must be doing something right, Oh and your birthday is in 24 days.

Lainey said...

I used to do homework sitting in bed, back against the wall. Don't think I scrunched too much then. But it WAS tempting to take little naps.

I loved having you! Come back anytime and bring that Rachel chick.

Nat Attack said...


I love The Wizard and I, Defying Gravity, and I'm Not That Girl.

Just you wait, you are going to LOVE IT!