Monday, October 01, 2007

My Body is Collapsing on Itself.

This might be the worst Monday I've had in forever. It's bloody stressful, and it's mostly my fault, too. I guess having a crappy week is catching up to me. It stinks that school won't wait until I'm done having a crappy day. The one thing I keep thinking about though, is if you pray for strength, you get a lot of stuff to handle so you can become strong. Let's keep that in mind.

I already hate this blog. It's basically awful because my mind is MUSH at the present.

It's kind of hard to write an "outline" for a paper that is supposed to be three pages long when I have no idea how to write a pure "outline" without having it be the rough draft for my paper. I think I skipped the outline parts of writing paper. Maybe I should've learned in 5th grade.

Yes, I definitely just saw the lead singer to Sugar Ray here in the library with me. He looks greasy.


Lainey said...

An outline CAN basically be your rough draft. Then the paper is super easy to write. So outline away.

Rachel said...

I'm sorry Kendall! You did have a very stressful day yesterday. That's how I was feeling too...sometimes I just feel like I'm always drowning in school! Its hard to keep up. Its okay though you'll get through it. Love you!