Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Love you, Laina

Love my new blog heading? Yes, thank you to Alaina Despain I have my own wonderful layout that nobody else can claim as their own. It's pretty cool, it's so weird to watch Alaina doing all these tricky things on Photoshop...it kind of scares me.

I'm spending the night with Laina and the baby. I can't wait to wake up to a baby. It's almost like being a real mom except I don't have to take care of her when she's crying. I guess that means I miss out on the whole "being loved by baby" thing, but I'll leave that to Alaina.

I'm pretty much gonna go to bed now, I think. I've been getting some pretty good sleep time in this last week...the whole waking up early and going to bed early is starting to catch on.

I re-read the English Patient and fell in love with it all over again. So good.


Nat Attack said...

Wow! I LOVE it. It's amazing! Super kudos to Alaina for your kick-axe header and to you for being gorgeous enough to pull those photos off!

I want to come spend the night at Alaina's. We should plan a sleep over sometime.

Rachel said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!! Go Alaina! I want her to make me one now!

I missed you last night.

Lainey said...

Thanks for the shout out! I just needed you to sit here and tell me what to do. Designing is the hardest part.

Ryan + Erica said...

I love it too! I've been working on one of my own, Alaina, but it's always the wrong size when I try to post it. Haven't really figured it out yet... But I LOVE this one!