Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's the holilday season.

Last Friday Joshua had a birthday. Well, technically, two Sunday's ago was Josh's birthday, but we celebrated on Friday. I prepared many days for the officially celebration, and it turned out quite well.

I made Lasagna, we had carrot cake, Costco rolls, green beans, red kool-aid, and generous quantities of, "Butter! It's not!"

In celebration of my recent trip to Mexico, Rachel's applause worthy Spanish prayers, Mexicans everywhere, and Josh's excellent accent, we had a Spanish birthday carrot cake. Made especially with Mexican vanilla.

Hannah Montana came, Rachel celebrated with us.

Overall a good time. I changed outfits 3 times, and we completed the evening with a good watch of Stardust.

I think a good time was had by all.


Joshua said...

It was honestly the best spanish birthday i have ever had (said in a spanish accent). Other than the lasagna, rolls, presents, outfits and cake, watching stardust was my favorite part.

Rachel said...

3 things I love about this post:

1) Josh had a birthday and I loved it.

2) It was Spanish-themed.

3) Stardust is the best movie of all time.

and a 4th, I love you.

Mike and Amber said...

Mike here.
I have to say, the opinions regarding Stardust are incorrect. Out of 500 people polled who had watched Stardust and liked it, the following numbers were found:

British: 28%
People with disorders: 22%
Fairies: 13%
Children: 3%
Raven: 0.4% (because she's fat)
My wife: 0.2%
Drunk or asleep: 33.4%

This poll has a 3% margin of error, considering the number of British that were probably in the last category as well.

Speaking of margins, how was Mexico?

Adam and Emma said...

What a fun night!! you guys are awesome. I guess I'm one of those Brit's that like Stardust too. Such a good movie!

ju said...

what the cute boyf? geez!