Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh jeez.

Mother Nature heard my cry yesterday, I'm not even kidding. It was gorgeous and sunny and 8 DEGREES!! And yeah, that's in Celsius. I have to learn conversions for my Chem class, therefore I will only ever report temperatures in Celsius or Kelvin. Until next time when I forget.

Anyway! Back to Mother Nature. It was sunny, warmish, and I could go outside without immediate death. However, the weather is back to crap again today so I am only sticking to turning off the water in between tooth brushing. The recycling of cans must wait until a longer streak of nice from MN.

Found this today, thought I might share this little gem...
The Boy Who Hates Hannah Montana
Very sad to have your death wish be to die IN a Hannah Montana concert. Was he angry that he couldn't get tickets? Perhaps burned one too many times by dear Miley Cyrus, herself? Or maybe he hates her because she made all his emo girlfriends happy. Other suggestions?? I'm mostly happy they caught the little jerk before he had time to pull out the duct tape and hand cuffs and overpower the flight crew?

Okay I'm done.


Mike and Amber said...


Deming Brat said...

freak you are cute! let's play!

Nat Attack said...

I'll have you know that I've had the same tank of gas in my car since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. It will probably last until Ireland, which means I have a TWO MONTH TANK OF GAS.

Someone should give me a medal for how green I am.

Corey, Sally, Ashlyn, and Ava said...

Wow! That boy who tried to take out Hannah Montana sounds crazy! I actually caught up on my celebrity gossip from that link, so thank you! I'm now positive that Britney Spears is alien! That's the only explaination!