Thursday, January 10, 2008

Picturathon 2008

In celebration of the new year 2008, I'm putting up pictures. A lot of pictures. Most of them, not so attractive! Dear Family, once again I beg your forgiveness for posting such attractive pictures, but the entertainment is just too good. I however, am less cool than Rachel and have no pictures older than the invention of digital cameras to offer.

Here we have the Disney Cruise, a magical event that took place in 2000, and again in 2003...maybe. It was a lovely vacation. We stopped in sin filled Key West, did the macarana on the boat a couple times, and finished the trip off with a couple day jaunt around Disney World. See the tired faces? 19th century face was in YEARS ago!

Here's a little tribute to Rachel, as rach did a little tribute to me awhile back. I put them all in ageish order...I hope you enjoy my roundness of youth.

Begin the years of Adult trips to Mexico. The first Christmas reunion took place in 2004. Here's a picture of us unmarried girls. (Except Alaina, she's married in this one.)

Once, Mom and Dad took Mallory and me to Boston to tour around the place we once lived. It was stupendous, we took a trip to the Yankee Candle Factory (I still have those candles floating around in my room), some pumpkin patch outside of it, and our sweet sweet ride was a PT Cruiser. Back when they were cool. You know, with colored sunglasses as well.

Once I went camping. The great part? I enjoyed it.
We went on a bike ride (four miles downhill after a drop-off at the top), hiked a mini mountain, and I slept on a hammock. Said hammock was quite comfortable, except the cold feel that occured from having my feet above my heart. Anyone notice what book is above my head? Ohh yeah.

Not much to say about this one except that my family loves Harley's. Grandpa's got quite the collection. I can't WAIT until Spring when we might get to go on a ride...
Alaina and Natalie graduated college in 2004?, Lainy with her Masters and Nat with the undergrad. I think I'm more proud now than I was then. It was especially important that Natalie and I got a picture walking and holding hands...because we love each other.

End Pictures.
I'm excited, I have maaaany more pictures to share with the world sometime in the future. Right now I'm in the process of making my own Italian Minestrone soup for dinner, from scratch, it's a little hard. Joshua, however, is quite a lovely man as in he eats anything I make. And likes it too.
Love to all!


Manders said...

my have you changed since i first met you. i love you more than ice cream.

Nat Attack said...

4 miles downhill took what, about 11 minutes? I guess some claim that exercise is exercise. I want to go on that camp-out.

Fun pictures! I love a throw-back. I'm glad to say we've ALL changed in the last periods of time huh?

Rachel said...

Yaaay I love this post! I love all the pictures! I like seeing the pictures of us through the years. We've grown up a lot, haven't we?! I love you.

That is one sweeeeet PT cruiser.

Rachel said...

And I really really really really really times one million loved the Disney cruise. I want to go again!

Rachel said...

This makes comment #3...

And Joshua IS the perfect man.

Lainey said...

Luckily your pictures are so small you can't tell attractiveness in them.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I love it.

onlychild09 said...

I guess somebody is using the pictures they put on their new external hard drive. I love it. We have been so lucky to have done so many great things.

Jan said...

...and with so many great people. thanks kendall.