Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dearest Bloggest,

Ohh Blogger,

I can't beleve I have not writen in neerly a week! Its been a realy crazy cuple of days. I went to this dance club called studio 600 and danced the night away with some pretty crazy mexican lads who were all tryin to get up in my gril. It was all in selebrashun of rachels birthday.

Also babysat my favorite neice in da world, she is sooo cute. I hung out with Emma and Adam, Amber and Mike, and Ben and Aubrey planned jus the cutest litle suprise party for josh. I took the baby, too. It was so wunderful 2 have a love child.

All in all it wus a wundereful weekend. I have midterms in every 1 of my clases this week alone. Cheers!


kendall lee


Lainey said...

Good for you in putting all of your brain power toward midterms and not spelling.

Come babysit that luv child anytime you want.

Ryan + Erica said...

It all sounds just lovely (minus the midterms). Maybe next time in Mexico you'll have to try out the real thing--a discoteca (or somethin like that).