Thursday, February 07, 2008

Across the Universe

.I walked to school again in the snow today. Does it EVER stop snowing here?
..I have one midterm left. Chemistry. The one I'm nearly guaranteed an A.
...Took three midterms in five days. Got B's on all of them.
....Blackboard is not working and I have Stats homework to do.
.....I wish new episodes of Gossip Girl were on.
......Fiona Apple is amazing.
.....Across the universe; it's a better song than it is a movie.
....I get to play with Adrie this weekend.
...Went Costco shopping with Joshua yesterday. Honestly the best part of my week.
..Tomorrow I'm making Pat Foushee bean soup. With 5 cheese tortellini.
.Monday and Tuesday pretty much disappeared from this week. I honestly don't remember them happening. I didn't even skip school!

*Every day after school my junior year I rode the bus to work, filed for 2.5 hours, and sometimes rode the bus home. This trip took about 4 hours, give or take 20 minutes. I probably spent 3 of these hours listening to music.
**Fiona Apple, punk music, Anna Nalick, Kelly Clarkson, and various other artists seriously take me back to those days. It's absolutely insane.
***Senior Year of high school was probably my favorite.
****I love Ella Fitzgerald
***I love bands with strong female lead singers. Example: Haley Williams in Paramore and Ashlin Phillips of The Eames Era.
**I sometimes wish I were a writer for a living.
*I'm praying for Global Warming.


Andino said...

I love Haley Williams in Paramore. She makes me run faster at the gym. And I'm with you on the global warming.

Lainey said...

Sadly, Ella hurts my head. I did enjoy singing some of her songs in the good ol' high school vocal jazz ensemble. I miss singing like that.

onlychild09 said...

Why are we praying for global warming? I get to drive to school! :)

Mike and Amber said...

I like your last * :)
I'm telling Al!

Mike and Amber said...

Mike here.

Actually, the cold is because of global warming. You see, Al Gore only has part of it right. You see, when he got that prize for making a movie about temperature, he showed all of the polar ice caps melting. What he didn't show was that the cold had to go somewhere. Because of thermal currents and some math, the coldness migrated to Utah. It's a very scientific process, but he could probably show you some maps and stuff to have it make more sense.

Look at the bright side... maybe the penguins will migrate here too!