Monday, February 11, 2008

Grumpy Monday

I don't like Amy Winehouse. I have only read E! and People articles about her drug usage, nothing about her music. Somehow she came into existence with one pretty catchy song about rehab (ironically where she is now), but has anyone heard any other songs of hers? Please exclude yourself from this category if you watched the Grammy's last night. I think I used to have nightmares about her.

Hey, it's supposed to be sunny today. I can feel this week getting better already.


Manders said...

she is a rather frightful looking gal. it was sunny here yesterday and things started to melt and i smiled.

Rachel said...

Agreed, I don't like that girl either. She's a druggy! The last thing we need is another druggy celebrity.

qwertney said...

yes, i have heard other songs of hers. and they are not good at all