Monday, February 18, 2008

I Love the Presidents

This last weekend Joshua and I took a wonderful little vacation to Boise to see Jacob and Abbey. It was a little bit of heaven to be fed three (holy amazing) meals a day and have conversations with little people and nice grown ups. I found another lover of the Food Network. And some fellow dessert lovers. We managed to visit this CRAZY prison and all I thought about the whole time was Prison Break. I now have this weird desire to be a nurse in a prison...then I remember I don't want to get shanked with a rose bush or burned to the ground in a 1970's style riot. It was super fun to have a weekend away.

Our Sunday activity began building block castles while Max slept, then he awoke to wreak havoc among the worlds, both real and imaginary. It was hilarious. The best part is the kicking over of the castles, especially before we had the camera on (and he probably wasn't supposed to be doing it). Cheers!

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