Saturday, May 03, 2008

The BC

So...I lived in the BC for two semesters. The internet was spotty and slow, but it was an overall good time. Every once and awhile food or presents would arrive on our door steps with little Thank You notes from the BC staff. I think they were supposed to boost moral. One of the many life lessons my managers no doubt learned from the Oregon Trail computer game. Most the time these little food gifts worked because they were the cheapest, most unhealthy thing you could possibly buy but never would (ex. 10 pack of creme filled oatmeal cookies, peanut butter brittle with almonds, two liters of sprite). We were always happy in my apartment because there were only four of us to split 8-10 count foods, proving that food does buy love and cause a resident to overlook the crappy wireless.

Our last little love note from BC was good. Too good. I got Joshua to type it up for me when I was packing. Please enjoy.

We know you have choices. And some might even say there are many fish in the sea. So choose wisely. (no we are not talking about dating or marriage or at lease not exclusively) We would like to point our there is only one Bountiful Court and we are filling up spaces. Please choose to stay with us. We think you will look back and say that was a wise choice.

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