Friday, May 02, 2008

This is work.

Hi everyone, I'm getting paid 11 bucks an hour to write this blog. It's fantastic. My only problem now is thinking about enough to say so I didn't just get paid a dollar to write three sentences....although that is pretty cool anyway. This one is about my name.

1. I work with a Kendra. Sometimes people call and ask for Kendall and I get all excited, and then realize I've only been working for three days and no one on earth would know who I am. I then forward the calls to KENDRA.

2. Kendall means "From the river Kent" or "Valley Of The River Kent". Ironically enough, my Dad's name is Kent. I'm from him.

3. You know the show Keeping Up with the Kardashian's? It's okay, you're probably a better person if you don't know it. BUT! The girls all have K names, and yes, there is a Kendall. And the mom got 'Kendall' tattooed on her back. Hey I'm famous.

4. On another famous note, let's not forget my evil twin, Kendall Williams

5. The name of my first bishop (that I can ever recall remembering) was Kendall. When I was six I would greet him by a, "Hi Kendall!" instead of calling him Bishop. I was sooo above formal names. My best friends' dad in elementary school was also named Kendall.

6. No my last name is not Jackson. (my co-worker asked me that yesterday. I think she was looking for some free wine.)

7. I did not invent Kendall Oil.

8. I did, however, name this college after me. Becki, please go there. It's in Chicago.


Joshua, please write a new blog.


Joshua said...

I never knew that you started your own college. i miss you.

onlychild09 said...

Haha that is funny! You are so popular!

Lainey said...

AH hahahaha... you forgot the Kendall T station in Boston. Don't we have a good picture of that somewhere?