Monday, May 19, 2008

Today's the Day.

Okay guys, today is the day I start the medical reception job, and slowly release the best job in the world that I have at this staffing agency. I'm moderately sad.

Medical job pays $2 less per hour. This is going to be somewhat bad.
Medical job is 7.0 miles closer, or less than 1 mile away from my home.
Medical job is not right behind Target or across the street from the mall.
Medical job will make me work...that'a mostly good thing.
Medical job doesn't have internet, and runs on anchient computer systems.

Therefore, I will not be blogging. After this week. I still get mornings (through friday) at this staffing agency job of freedom and internet.

Wish me luck! Please bless my blood pressure doesn't rise and my hair doesn't fall out from the stress that is sure to come from working as a medical receptionist.


ju said...

It is my understanding that low blood pressure is a Wms trait, so I'm thinking it might take a lot to get yours up to a dangerous level. However, archaic computer systems would do anyone in- so just mind your salt intake while on the job. GOOD LUCK!

Joshua said...

maybe working harder will make the days go by faster? come and see me in four days?