Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in black.


So many blogs I have been catching up on. It's a little overwhelming when you go on a six day vacation and come back to 30+ blogs. If I didn't comment and you are slightly miffed, please forgive me. Chances are I saw you in the last week and should have adequately given you some Kendall love. If you feel that this need was not met, please forgive my lack of foresight. I love you.

I went to Utah on a whirlwind day long trip. I saw all of my family and all of Josh's family and it was absolutely great. I don't think I've ever seen so many people I enjoy in such a short amount of time.

I love Jacob and Abbey's new house (and them and their children), Alaina's new condo is to die for, Rachel is tan and Spanish, EMMA HAS A LITTLE BUMP!, Amber looked as beautiful as ever with her beautiful blue-eyed baby, G&G had their game on (the game of best Gparents ever), Aunt Cheri was a gracious surprise host, Rachel (caldwell) wants to live with me, Gabbe is hairstyling and mingling in Orem, and Joshua is just as handsome, funny, and gentlemanly as ever.

Diet coke from my lover.
Spanish candy and gingersnaps at AC's (aunt cheri's)
110% mexican food.
Candy popcorn love Adam and Emma.
Costco feast at Laina's, perfect with sun, swimming, and watermelon. (and DC)
Oh the pleasure food gives me. I really need to start cooking this summer.

Joshua and I drove from Provo to West Linn in about 15 hours (with a 1.5 hour stop at J&A's, 1 hr stop at Texas Roadhouse, and 10 minute stops at bathrooms) and made it home by 11:30 on Saturday night! We churched it up on Sunday, ticket to ride (100x), eating, playing, laughing, watching the Swan Princess, beach visiting, garmining, holding hands, shopping, and Chevy's and end.

Sorry my brain is about 1000 miles per hour right now. I need to clean my severely neglected room.
K bye.


Joshua said...

I think the hand holding was the very best part. I love you.

qwertney said...

i just wrote in all caps. it was an accident

qwertney said...

i just wrote in all caps. it was an accident

onlychild09 said...

It was a really good weekend.

Alaina said...

Did you sing every word to the Swan Princess? That's a priceless childhood memory!

I love how you "churched it up." Where you come up with these things keeps me laughing.