Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cleaning my room

And what do I find? The BEST LETTER EVER.

Rachel, oh Rachel, my favorite cousin Rachel. You are hilarious. And Erica, too.

I really can't remember why Rachel and I were writing letters to each other pretending to be other people, but Rach and I did a lot of weird stuff when we were younger. Just ask about "Sleeping Beauty" sometime. :)

(letter found in some random box)
Dear Kandra,

Well, HELLOOOO there! You sound like a hot little muffin! (too bad we're related.) My name is Rex, and from what I've read about you, you sound like a cool person. Here's more info about me...
I have blonde hair (which I usually spike forward), and blue eyes. I like to snowboard and talk online (sn: chicamagnet411). I think when I grow up I want to be a pilot like my Grandpa Williams. My favorite movie is Lilo & Stich...I love the surfing in it (tight!). I weigh a little less than most guys. My scrawny stature is embarrassing sometimes, but at least I know I'm growing out of it! I'm working out at the YMCA now with my mom. My height is 5'6".
I love flying, don't you?
I'm looking forward to meetin' you as soon as the plane lands! (Mom says to tell you to make sure and wear your seatbelt!)
The best part, however, is when you turn the page over. Rex's hot cousin Tanner has a little response. (yes, Erica, you did write this. It's your handwriting. :))
Hey babe-
Don't go for my cousin Rex. He isn't outrageously beautiful as i am. I bet he is jealous of my lean, buff, tann, 6 foot body. I can ALWAYS turn a girl's head with my dashing physique. I'm sure you simply CAN'T wait to meet me. I know you'll be dazzled. See ya soon, hun!
The real babe magnet,
And "Rex" adds this note at the bottom of Tanner's note:
Did somebody say BIG HEAD?! I think he missed the humility Sunday school lesson. >:(
Hey cousins, thank you for brightening my day these 5 (hopefully at least that much) years later. Love you!


Rachel said...

Hahahahha...that's hilarious! I actually kind of remember writing that, but I have no idea why we did! We were weird children.

My favorite part is the blonde hair (which I usually spike forward). HOT!

Remember when we fell in love and you were my prince charming?

Thanks for making my day!

onlychild09 said...

Oh my goodness. We had very active imaginations. Remember starlights? Oh the good days. Don't thing I don't remember you guys always giving me the lame powers.

Andino said...

I about peed my pants reading this. Do you remember when we made fake IM boyfriends and told Courtney we both had boyfriends and you and me would take turns getting on IM and chatting with her pretending we were the others bf?

Alaina said...

Ahahahahaha that made my whole night. AWesome awesome. I love that Erica wrote too. SO FUN! We have a fun life.

Nat Attack said...


Until I found these little notebooks we bought when we went to Baker when you and Rachel graduated. Inside are two "yearbook entries" from Mal and Rach. Our family is FUN!