Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Go Figure!

So I'm trying out this new thing in my life. It's called, "a healthy body image".

Yeah, I know. Crazy.

But seriously. Working at a womens' health center I am faced with all kinds of different (and crazy) women. I deal with at least three pregnant women on a daily basis, as well as women ages 17 to 90 (seriously, 90), sizes 00 to 40. I love it. One of the magazines we get in the office is "Figure" magazine, a magazine for plus sized women. I always avoided it like the plague (I don't want anyone to think I'm plus sized) but finally caved and read it because it was the only magazine I hadn't read yet.

I loved it.

The pictures in this magazine were gorgeous! The women in the pictures were incredibly beautiful, and I found myself feeling an appropriate amount of jealousy towards these models. I might even go so far as to say I was (am) more jealous of them than their sickly thin counterparts. It was shocking to me to realize that larger women can be just as beautiful as the models every teenage girl wants to be. And I realize that it is ridiculous how long it has taken me to get here. I have always thought that skinnier is better, and I even went through a phase where I didn't eat so I could be skinny. I've struggled for a long time with wanting to lose these last 10 pounds so I can feel good. And I don't need to.

Now though I risk sounding like a bad episode of Tyra, here are my thoughts:
Everyone has their own body size, and everyone has the right to feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. Being skinny isn't the only kind of beautiful, and maybe it took a plus sized magazine to figure that out, or maybe it's taken maturity, family, and someone who loves me no matter what size, to find that out on my own. I want to exercise to feel better physically, not mentally. I want to eat right because it's good for my body, not so I can wear a cute swimsuit 1 size too small. I want to be 100% comfortable in my own body, and I think I'm a lot closer to getting there than I ever have been.

I hope this has been somewhat of a good message to my lady friends, and to the man reader, a thank you for helping me. I love you all, and I suggest that next time you're out and about, admire the normal sized beauty as well as the thin one. And most of all, love and admire me.

K laa


Nat Attack said...

Hey girl! We don't need to be told to love and admire you--we do it naturally!

You, my dear sister, are gorgeous at EVERY size because your inside is beautiful.

Jan said...

The whole package is beautiful...your outer wrapping is but a small part. (and beautiful! sad we are ALWAYS are own WORST critique...)Thanks for the words of wisdom. I've always been illuminated by your sunny personality...

onlychild09 said...

Kendall you are amazing. How come all of my sister's have all of these awesome deep thoughts? It must be wisdom from your many years. I love you!

qwertney said...


Alaina said...

I agree that 'beauty' has 9872456987 times more to do with confidence - the kind that just glows - than body size. Thanks for reminding us.

Amber said...

We love and admire you. A very good post. And we missed you at Bear Lake.

Joshua said...

You are so beautiful. 100 pounds lighter or 100 pounds heavier and you would still look amazing. Maybe its just the fact that you are glowing whenever i see you?