Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 5th of July!

This is what my weekend consisted of:
Joshua on July 4.
The dresser on July 5.
The dresser (and church) on July 6.
end weekend.

Here are the pictures of my baby! It took most of the day on Saturday and some painting on Sunday. This white dresser has been in our family's possession for many many years, and it was once painted to match Mallory's room of yellow and ancient romantic gardens. As of Friday it was filthy and old looking, and I decided (at least two weeks ago) that I needed a project to keep myself busy with all my free time. Enter: THE DRESSER.



Yeah, I painted it purple and gold. I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to choose the purple (the gold was a given) instead of some normal color (like brown?!), but I think it might have something to do with my parents giving me a little bit of freedom and me going wild and crazy with it. However, now that the dresser is put together I LOVE IT in my room. My next project is to a) get gold handles for my dresser and b) paint the wall behind my bed. I'm thinking orange or pink? We'll see.

Thanks 'rents, for letting me sand, paint, repaint, and repaint this baby. Thank you, dad, for doing part of the sanding so I still have some use of my hand. Let me warn you all that sanding is NOT as fun or easy as it sounds. My hand was swollen, hot, and generally disgusting for at least three hours after my 20 minutes of sanding with that electric thing. It is just not normal to have a hand shaking that much for so long.

Hope everyone had a good (hopefully) three day weekend! Love and bye.

I'm not serious about the pink and orange. I'm still thinking about that background color.


Joshua said...

The dresser looks so good, and just in case you forgot, purple is the greatest color ever.

Nat Attack said...

Wow. That DOES look like the front door before it got painted.

I'm impressed with your DIY skillz. I need me some of those.

Jan said...

I'm still smiling over the fun fireworks and fire on the back deck on the 4th. Oh, and let's not forget the carrot cake... I think my favorite part was I did virtually nothing...

onlychild09 said...

Yay! Kendall you are such a good painter. I really do hope m&d let us paint a wall in your room. I like painting.

Alaina said...

Did you know they pulled that dresser out of a dumpster in the apartments near Circle K in old town Tempe?

Erica said...

I looove this dresser! What cute color choices. Ever since I saw this post I've seriously been itching to paint this piece of furniture we got from Ryan's parents. But at 8 months pregnant I'm not sure it's a project I'm really up to tackling. You want to come to CA and do it for me?? :)