Monday, August 18, 2008


I decided it's definitely time for me to write a new blog. I showed Ruby (nurse bff from work) my blog, and I realized all my recent blogs are about Breaking Dawn. Dear friends, Breaking Dawn isn't my life. So here's my life update:

Tonight is my last night in West Linn. I go home (what?! Provo is home?) tomorrow morning at 6:50 AM. I am currently watching Tristan & Isolde with Mal Pal and trying to pack all the crap I somehow accumulated over the summer. Dear Aunt Cheri, I know, I have so much stuff. Thank you so much for housing all my abundant belongings.

My last day at work was a success. I kind of worked, played with my work Bff's, we had an amazing bonfire at lunch time, and I got lots of hugs and gave lots of cards. I was so lucky to work in an office where I was friends with my co-workers. It made my summer pretty bearable!

Cheers, everyone! I'll see some of you soon, others of you at Christmas or Thanksgiving, or the next couple weeks.

Quote of the summer:
"You can't have eye sex with girls like that, Tristan! It gives you away."


Mallory Jan said...

The summer was an over all success. I am missing you thoroughly. Good thing I'll see you this weekend. haha the quote. haha

ruby said...

Miss you very much Kendall & it was so much fun working w/u and u r so right about the sock thing on wednesdays. Thanks so much for showing me how to work the mp3/phone it was a success! Hope to see you soon w/a "****" on! hehehe!