Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello, Goodbye

Helloooo Utah, Goodbyyyye Oregon.

I've been in Utah since Tuesday and I have yet to spend a night in Provo. Now that's what I call skill. I stayed two nights at Gma's, two nights at R&C's, and two nights at Alaina's. I have definitely recieved the "all star" treatment at every one of these places (except I had to do dishes today at laina's because I helped ZERO at dinner...that's just called fair) and I'm kind of bummed to have to spend my first night on my own tomorrow. That means I have to make my own breakfast, lunch AND dinner! I forgot what that was like. Can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. ]

Sooo anyway, if you're in Provo anytime soon, call me and we can play.

Looove and bye.
Kenna Benna

There are two pictures of me and that boy I love, taken last April. Enjoy.


Alaina said...

I do love those photos.

Glad you found them.

Thanks for doing dishes.

Maybe if you're lucky I'll make breakfast tomorrow.

Joshua said...

You jump like a vampire.

Nat Attack said...

Sounds like you're having fun. Wish I were there!

And call Julie. She's alone in Provo--you're the only person she "knows."


WHITNEY said...

I will be in provo soon and then everything will be as it should be!

Josh, you jump like a vampire-lover

Cute :)

Andino said...
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Andino said...

Kendall! Where are you living now? Can we play soon? It's been ever so long.