Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here's a story I forgot to tell.

Did I ever tell you about the time Garmin tricked Josh and me? No, I don't think I did. Here goes.

We took an innocent day jaunt to the beach. We wanted some clam chowder, some extra large fountain drinks, and a sunny day at the otherwise blistery coast. Garmin, it seems, had other plans...or at least, some plans to add on to the end of our plans.

We left Sand Lake after an impromptu visit of the Spencer and Randy Calvert sort (yes, I was the girl who crashed priests weekend or week...whatever those boy outings are called) and got on the road home. I entered my home address and trusted G-man to take me home. Turns out, the way home was the most winding, baby small, surrounded by trees and axe murderers road in the whole entire world. Garmin started with an estimated time of arrival at 5:27 pm, and 40 minutes later (still on that stupid road) the ETA had moved to 6:07 pm. It was ridiculous. I finally was so fed up that I searched for a restaurant to put in so we would change direction and go in any other direction. Picked Dairy Queen. Good choice, it had bathrooms made in heaven. We got back on the road, and Garmin took Joshua and myself to the CANBY FERRY.

The Canby ferry, guys. It is ridiculously out of the way. I wish I could find a map to show you how ridiculous it was to take this route. There must've been some endorsement from the Canby ferry, because Garmin took us somewhere where we had to GIVE UP DOLLARS to ride the stupid ferry.

Moral of the story? Someday all satellite GPS systems will be hijacked by creepy serial killers leading people to their deaths on scary back roads. I do not trust technology. And Garmin and I are in a fight.

This was supposed to be my 300th blog. Instead, I deleted 7 drafts and am now at a comfortable post # 293. I just bought myself two stress free weeks before I have to worry about some fantastic 300th blog. Happy Labor Day everyone. Loves.


Mallory Jan said...

Oh technology. miss you

Nat Attack said...

As annoying as it is when my Geeper sends me on a wrong path, I secretly delight that humans will ALWAYS be smarter than machines.

It helps me sleep better at night.

Joshua said...

It could have driven us directly into a lake... I secretly loved driving those roads with you.