Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just for the Record

I read 30 different books this summer, and re-read (as in read twice or more in the span of summer 2008, I mean 2007) four of those.

That's how exciting it is to be me.


Adam and Emma said...

I finally finished breaking dawn this morning. it got me hooked at the end.

Joshua said...

haha... you are going to confuse so many people by even putting the future date on your posts...2008... good one!

Corey, Sally, Ashlyn, and Ava said...

Whoa! Good job with all the reading! I was happy I got through 3 (adult) books this summer! BUT I have read millions of childrens books over the last few months. And some of them can be very enlightening! For example, I've learned how to share!