Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Confession No. 2

I love The Soup. I love it so much that it's kind of embarrassing. Nonetheless, I'm going to let you see my two favorite clips that I frequently (I know, how and when is that possible??) quote. Or mock. You choose.

Meet: Nathaniel

A little dance competition, anyone?? (word warning in the last 5 seconds)


Corey, Sally, Ashlyn, and Ava said...

The Soup is what Corey and I tivo and watch together when the kids let us have the tv on the weekends! Joel McHale is the BEST! Too funny!

Manders said...

i watch the soup religiously. joel = my one celebrity crush forever.

Rachel said...

Hahahhahahahhahahah! I love those. My favorite is Julia and Seth. Oh the Soup. Hilarious.