Friday, September 05, 2008

Weasley is my King

Another short little blog to finish out my last 12 hours of life.

I never really realized what I was missing in the 5th Harry Potter movie until I reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I miss Ron's chance to shine. It is actually quite sad, because Rupert Grint didn't even get a very fair share of the limelight when the last film came out. I distinctly remember wondering why Harry (dan rad) and Hermione (emma "my girl crush" watson) had so many interviews, and why Ron had none. Poor guy. We never even got to hear 'Weasley is my King'.

Life just isn't complete.


Mallory Jan said...

You will get to hear it because in the sixth movie Ron will play quidditch! YAY!

Sam said...

oh its so true. ron is probably my favorite of the three anyways. i wish i was a weasley

Nat Attack said...

You do love that Ron character. With all the wandering in the wilderness they're getting set to do -- I imagine he'll get some screen time.

Stupid July.