Thursday, November 13, 2008


I gotta post this stuff before the 1 month rule (that I just made up).

Any event cannot be blogged about one month after it has passed. I have 14 days, I'm just ahead of myself! I'm learning how to get my procrastination under control. If you don't think I have a problem with procrastination, just read any of my school blogs. You will learn.

Now, on with the main event.
My Birthday!!

If you can't tell, my party (and LeeAnne's party, too) was a Roaring Twenties theme. What it lacked in decorations, we made up for in classiness. Alaina was the official photographer, and Gabbe was my stylist. She's a little bit camera shy. LeeAnne was my own personal Sam Ronson (yes I just said that) and DJed for the night. I think everyone had a good time. I know I definitely did. Joshua was the perfect boyfriend and ran errands for me when I was going crazy with the party planning and the episode of the stolen soda. Thank you Joshy.

And a big thanks to all you folks, now have a good one.


Nat Attack said...

SO pretty. Wish to high heavens I could have been there!


Rachel said...

We are so classy. I love that party. And your birthday, because it always means a good party! So glad you were born.

Joshua said...

Just when you think it is safe to leave your soda out in the fridge... I guess we could have been GHBed, that could have been bad. Your party was awesome.

Jan said...

hurray! I've been WAITING for the pictures! cool...

Mallory Jan said...

Wow you're twenty...weird.