Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A list, for old times' sake.

I haven't really really blogged in awhile. It's been mostly celebrity stuff. I don't mean to give the impression that I'm obsessive or worldly or anything, so I'm gonna cut back. Officially.

  • This morning I'm drinking vanilla coke zero. It's sooooo good.
  • Today is my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!!
  • I bought my own little personal heater for my desk at work. Best purchase EVER. It keeps my feet warm allllllll day.
  • Last week Joshua and I celebrated Halloween Calvert style at Jacob and Abbey's. It was such a nice break, Abbey threw an amazing Halloween themed party (with delicious food included), and it was really good to see all the family we'd been missing. Emma and Spencer even came. SO. GOOD.
  • My new school plan is this: Dietetics (food science as my backup) for major, and editing for minor. I also might do another minor, maybe in family life. It all depends on how much school I want to do, and how much Josh wants to do.
  • I'm having a dinner party tonight. It brings me joy.
  • I'm going to Boston (to see NATALIE!!) IN 22 days! AH!
  • I can't sign up for one class I really NEED, and two classes I really want. It's kind of sad.
Today I'm having a dinner party, and going to Costco with Joshua. This day is pretty good.

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Andino said...

Hey I'm doing an Editing minor too! I don't know what my major is of coarse though...